Class of ’97

“Who knows anything  I don’t know  There are so many things  I must leave alone  Some strange person is calling you their home  Can you be where you want to be?” (“When You Wake Up Feeling Old” ~Wilco)

As serendipity would have it, I listened to this song while working on some assignments for my online class, and it occurred to me how perfect this song could be for someone contemplating a high school reunion. (If I have completely missed what this song is about, I request the forgiveness from Wilco and their fans)

Anyway, the 15 year high school reunion is coming up. Someone from the class has kindly taken it upon himself to organize a low-key get-together in a few weeks. I’ve talked to a couple of friends who are considering attending the reunion.

As usual, this reunion has gotten me thinking.

Do we still need reunions with high school classmates? Have Facebook and other social networking outlets replaced the highly-anticpated or greatly-dreaded every-five-years-or-so party?

And so then it goes deeper: what do you say to people whom you truly have not seen in fifteen years? Someone said to me, “Do I have to pretend to care about them again? Do I have to pretend to be interested in their homeschooling experience or their law practice or their home in Vale?”

It’s a quandry or at least something to blog about. We were a graduating class of about 30; most of us had been in school together since kindergarten…in the same building all those years. We were like a family with all the family “stuff”; in essence, a reunion with my graduating class is like a family reunion. We are forever bound to one another because of our unique circumstances; we went to a union school. We didn’t have all the programs and equipment and issues that must have been part of a larger high school. Then it’s like a family because we were bound by our circumstance, and sometimes that was all that we had in common.

I don’t know if I’ll decide to attend the reunion or not. I think my classmate who has put it together is awesome for doing so. What would I say to anyone? “Remember that time in math class…?”. “So what did you end up doing with your life?” “Did you see pictures of my homeschooling room in my new house in Vale?”

“If memories are all I sang, I’d rather drive a truck”

(“Garden Party” ~Rick Nelson)


~ by hannahcsykes on June 1, 2012.

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