back in the proverbial saddle

So it seems like this blog has been in a holding pattern. It’s time to write¬†again.

This blog won’t be a public space for poetry, for now. That was an interesting experiment. I learned that sometimes I wrote just to get response…any kind of response. I put poems together in hopes of comments, of traffic on the blog. That is not a good reason to write poetry, or anything else that matters. There are already lots of folks out there writing just to be popular; I’ll let them do that. So if you want to read my newer poetry, you’ll have to wait for the journals, or the chapbook.

There’s definitely a lot to write about. I still have lots of ideas buzzing in my brain. I’m still hoping to show more Love to the world. I am still mad about a lot of stuff I see and hear. So there is more writing that needs to be done.

More to come. But not just so you’ll look at me, I hope.


~ by hannahcsykes on July 28, 2010.

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