gotas de luar

My understanding of you goes something like this:
I am looking at the sky tonight.
The sun has just set.
The sky is a mauve colour; the trees are just black silhouettes.
The moon just above the horizon is crescent.
I am looking at the sky through a window that is well over 50 years old. Can you understand this?
There is no way to look through to the moon and see a sharp image. I look up through the glass, down, tilt my head to the right…
each time the crescent is elongated, disproportionate

My understanding of your love feels like this.
I know it is there.
I tilt my heart to try to see it clearly but
I’m looking through an old story that needs a washing.


I stand in the driveway and look up at the moon. I wonder, if 40 years ago, my mother did the same,
marveling at the newness of men walking on the moon.

Did she feel like the universe was becoming more clear
or did it just make things feel more infinite
for the girl about to begin her senior year of high school?
Did she understand political ramifications of the mission?
Did she take time to wonder or was she
sewing a dress for school
on a date with my dad
reading Jane Eyre?


At four years old, he has learned shapes by looking at the moon.
He knows crescent, semi-circle, and circle from
evenings in the driveway
looking up.
To make sure he sees, I ask “What shape is the moon tonight?”
Does he marvel that what we see changes?
Is he so innocent that it doesn’t matter?


~ by hannahcsykes on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “gotas de luar”

  1. Thanks for the poem. WordPress linked us in a random computer generated process. I do remember the night of the moon landing. I was in Junior Hi. I must be a few years younger than your mom.

    My grandson loves the moon. “Moon” was his first word. He is now three.

  2. i love your words, thank you.

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