to the musicians

Never mind the venue
    playing for a few gawky kids
    in front of an old furniture store
   Posters advertising “10% off!” and
 “No Money Down!” served as your backdrop.

Never mind that.
What happened for those of us lucky to see
 who had turned off the tv
                                        the phone
                                        the World
The Moment was there and so were We.

Not because of a chord
     or a drum solo
     or what you were wearing
It was in how you caught the groove:
 the bassist leaning forward and back
  the drummer nodding his head
 the lead guitarist looking at his bandmates instead of his shoes.
  the conversation was between the instruments
          and was in the subtext

The Moment was not in a tongue of fire from above
not a lightbulb in a dark rorom
but a Breath, a deep, lung-filling and exhale slowly Breath.

When I see art being made —
a spark of what the Father must know —
it is a glimpse of Eternity and I am blessed.

c. hcs 6 May 2009


~ by hannahcsykes on May 6, 2009.

One Response to “to the musicians”

  1. Yes, Hannah…yes, yes, yes!!

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