untitled for now

for G-

Toxic city
you Unreal place
I’m breaking camp
from your limits

too long I have stayed.

My skin is a dull yellow from your fumes
the low sound of your deceitful hum
   bothers my rest

I’m pulling up stakes
taking only what I can hold in my hand.

Do You need an image?
Picture me getting up from the ground
brushing off your footprints —
   the footprints of these many years
                   the mud
                   the old gum
                   the squished bugs
     from the soles of your shoes
See my face fresh
You don’t know my name anymore.

And I’m setting myself free
Okay, yes, for the fifth time
but this time will stick…
it just has to.

c. hcs 4 May 2009


~ by hannahcsykes on May 4, 2009.

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