a kind of mosaic

This all began with
Johnny Cash
and his ring of fire,
those Tex-Mex horns
and the journey down the gravelly
road of Johnny’s voice.

There’s no connection here
except maybe the way a mind goes
in circles.

For these many days now,
I’ve been thinking about the art of words…
today, juxtaposed with the meta-informative world
like a quilt
“See, these are my shared stories
of all the feeds I subscribe to. So
you could get a feed of my subscribed feeds
 and so on and so on.”

How much is too much?
Who has time for it all?

I choose Frost’s apple picking.
I choose Whitman leaving the lecture hall of the astronomer.

“This much madness is too much sorrow”
and the madness floats down like locust seeds
and stays
waiting for a shower of verse
something that is free
and the circle continues…

(c. hcs 28 April 2009)


~ by hannahcsykes on April 28, 2009.

One Response to “a kind of mosaic”

  1. I really like this. How much is too much?

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