He doesn’t look around to see if anybody notices him.
He doesn’t speak in a loud voice to impress anybody.

He walks directly to the counter at the coffee shop
and unassumingly orders a chicken ceasar wrap
and a hot chocolate.
Softly, in a Southern baritone, he answers questions
about his next show
his students
new songs he’s written.

He looks like a jazzy cat
Rainbow striped knit tobogan,shoulder-length hair sticking out from under
Beatnik glasses
goatee and mustache
black fleece jacket
old jeans
navy blue Crocs with socks

Everyone in the coffee shop is sure to say hello to him.
But what they really mean is:
“I like thinking I know someone sort of famous.”
“It makes me look good to say hello to you.”
“Your approval makes me feel good about myself.”

Of course he’s graceful and gracious.
“Do your thing, man,” he says to the other musicians.
There are too many songs to sing to leave it up to one guy.


~ by hannahcsykes on January 15, 2009.

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