3:48 AM

Dream Sequence
The opening scene is of a woman alone in a room
filled with books and papers.
Enter a man with a diamond ring, prepared to sweep her off her feet.

They begin dancing and the room is somehow filled
with grandiose, stereophonic orchestra music.
Their waltz is free and floating.
She thinks to herself, “I didn’t even know he was a good dancer.”

The music suddenly changes to
Perry Como singing “It’s Impossible”.
“Ask the sun to leave the sky, it’s impossible.”

And she is no longer being lead in the dance
her partner has stepped aside to take a phone call
and she is still dancing, even more weightless and lovely.

“Wait,” he says, “how can you still be dancing?”

“Why, I have my own rhythm. I don’t need you to show me how.”
And the funny thing is, the awareness just sort of happened.


The moon was bright in my room last night.
Oh, the romantics would say, I slept in a place bathed in moonlight.
Rather, I tossed and turned and sighed.
I wondered about what the next day would bring.
I thought about life a year ago
and wondered about a year from now.
I made shopping lists.
I thought of all the cards I should send.
I thought that I should buy some thick curtains.


~ by hannahcsykes on January 9, 2009.

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