the last night

on the last night of class,
I read lines of wisdom and farewell
maybe from Tennyson’s “Ulysses”
or Swenson’s “Universe”.
I tell the students that I would be
glad to give them recommendations
in future employment opportunities.
I tell them what a joy the semester has been.
I tell them how much I have learned.
And we often all lament, a little, the end of the course.

This time
I want to tell them how disrespectful and lazy they have been.
I want to tell them that there is a world outside of this podunk county of which they think they are the center.
I want to remind them that the factories are gone and that isn’t a choice for them.
I want to tell them that I have decided I hate teaching and almost hate literature because of how miserable they have been to work with.
I want to tell them to put on some clothes that fit, that aren’t too tight on their round rumps and fat thighs or fall off their skinny, wormy backsides. I want to tell them that every second I have been forced to look out into a sea of cleavage has been embarrassing.

I will tell them “Good luck”.


~ by hannahcsykes on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “the last night”

  1. I hope there was at least one exception. If so, think of her. If not, think of The Star Snatcher. ~:)~

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