glimpses of You are few
sometimes labeled like ah-ha moments

but sometimes You come to roost
or take tea and chat
and explain some things…

her mind’s picture was of him ten years ago
she could still hear his voice, remember conversations they’d had
and there You are
beside the pictures of the guy with the beer gut and trashy friends
she hears herself saying “Thank goodness that didn’t work out”

and the stories of Your visits differ for each
so many examples
and so many times when You didn’t present Yourself,

What we do to find You is amazing:
ingest chemicals or herbs
inquire of therapists
investigate the words of the wise

and yet You arrive on Your own schedule
hand-in-hand with Mystery
yin and yang sisters
we can’t seem to have one without the other


~ by hannahcsykes on August 8, 2008.

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