from the wayfarer notebook

Are our lives really circles?
Do we repeat our journeys for a lifetime?
Coming home
returning as a new person
dying to self
rising out of the depths into the light

What about if your life feels like a straight line?
Nothing is familiar in the journey
there is no home
it’s just “die, rise up and move forward”

In a few weeks, he’ll get on a plane to leave home
and return home
Which is more foreign?
The place on the other side of the world where children
sit on piles of trash during playtime?
Or the land of excess?

On the hero’s journey,
he goes alone.
There will be well-wishers, friends, and sages whom
he’ll meet along the way.
Ultimately, though, he must slay the dragon
capture the golden cup
win the race
on his own.

Standing in the rubble of her very existence
deconstructed from every angle
Rebuilding isn’t possible

From under the deepest, oldest pile of bricks
one small light remains


~ by hannahcsykes on July 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “from the wayfarer notebook”

  1. regarding life in circles. I’ve always thought that to be true. For example, you are born in diapers (well at least immediately put in them) and you die in diapers. Sad thought but true.

  2. i really like this poem! the structure and the images you put here. The contrasts are there – developed versus undeveloped, societal gains and losses, the divide between societal classes, the unending circle rising up, around and coming back to itself. Very intriguing!

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