a kind of opposite (a draft)

the opposite of an awakening
-well, sort of-

standing in the sun
but everything is a blur
the only clarity is the realization of blurriness
a separateness from the surrounding blur

the music from passing cars sounds like it’s under water
the voices of people on the sidewalk sound like adults
in a Peanuts cartoon

even the body feels differently
weightless in a disconcerting way
the arms and legs fell longer, taller
things appear farther away

everything is strange like it’s beheld for the first time
minus the freshness of a new day
it’s not a summer haze she is seeing
it is more like a poorly done watercolor

who am i
where am i
how did we get here


she says to him, “I want to be a gypsy. In fact,
I am a gypsy.”

He says, “But if you’re a gypsy, how will I find you
if I need you?”

She smiles and says, “You won’t. And you won’t.”


~ by hannahcsykes on July 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “a kind of opposite (a draft)”

  1. Oh, my friend! You have come down from the cool mountains where nothing is blurred, where your clarity knows completeness. No wonder you’re disoriented.

  2. i love the gypsy stanza, my favorite. i always wanted to be a gypsy when i grew up

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