the mountains win again

What is it about you
that makes me return?

You’re not home.
no, merely a shadow,
a veiled image of things to come

So why do I keep coming back?

Let’s not use the old lines.
Yes, I’ve used them too.
about something running through my veins,
a connectedness
a sense of place
a heritage
   something to claim that’s not there
                             not theirs
                             not mine

The woman in the photograph,
the one at the loom,
she’s not me.
There’s not some recycled pathway
or order about things.
There is more to It than all of this.

Coming here, one doesn’t find self
or peace
or reconciliation.
So why keep coming back to you?

The journey doesn’t end here.
This road is not the end
rather it is a beginning.
“Don’t get comfortable, child. You’ll not stop to rest for long.”

“Who is asking these questions?”

“I don’t know.”

“And that is beautiful. That is innocence.”


~ by hannahcsykes on July 11, 2008.

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