at once you are a word

A strangeness
a curiousity about the “beyond”
A desire to know but a contentment with not knowing,
merely wondering, imagining

A not-understanding about why things happen as they do
Why Them and Not Her?
I don’t want to be in Control but I just want some answers
a table for two with a slice of clarity and some wisdom on the side

You can become such an obsession that we attempt
to explain you.
We act as though you don’t exist
and say things like
“It’s for the best”
“It will all work out”
“I completely understand”

May we allow you.
even on the hurtful days, weeks, months, years
may we still accept your place
in our myth,
in our midst.


~ by hannahcsykes on June 25, 2008.

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