My life would be simpler
If I would just wear flipflops.
They are for sale everywhere.
They are cheap.
There are fancy, bejeweled ones,
            plastic ones,
            denim and canvas ones.
   Ones with heels and ones with soles
 that are as thin as paper.

But I won’t do it.
That feeling of something between my toes is “ick”
like torture,
my own private Hades.

Instead, I want shoes with wheels on the soles
so I can skate through the grocery store
               or down the hallway of my house.
“I’m too fast for you and you and you.”

Instead, I want different shoes
not like every other Susie or Jane
or flipflop Frieda



~ by hannahcsykes on June 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Shmoes”

  1. Flipflops are overrated.

  2. I photographed an engagement session the other day. The girl showed up in nice white plastic flip-flops: Bridal Flip-flops. I have not seen bridal Crocs yet. 😉

  3. I abhor flip flops and haven’t worn them since 1976 when I was 3

  4. I broke down and started wearing them last year – just for convenience sake. I refuse to wear rubber on my feet, though, so that narrows my choices quite a bit. I still prefer some comfy suede slip-ons anyday.

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