ice cream shop

photographs taken on an afternoon in June

A booth next to the freezers
a young woman on one side
a preschool age boy on another
They have placed their order.
The boy is looking up at the light fixtures and
the ceiling fans.
His legs are in motion, kicking the air in front of them.
She has her arms folded on the table. Her eyes are on her son.

Across the room, in another booth,
a middle age woman on one side
a young teenage boy on the other.
She is chewing a bite of her salad.
He holds his sandwich near his mouth with one hand
the other hand is extended toward his mother,
as though he is explaining something.
They are making eye contact.

Across the street is an old Coca-cola bottling facility.
The front door is open
and just inside the door,
an old man sits in a desk chair.
He is wearing plaid shorts and his legs are crossed.
His hands are folded in his lap.
His eyes are on the door of the ice cream shop.


~ by hannahcsykes on June 10, 2008.

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