red poppies

Every year, I try to imagine
and I ask myself
Could I have done what they did?
From where does courage come?

And I know I cannot imagine
I know I cannot fully grasp

I would like to think I’m that brave
or loyal
I would like to hope that, if called upon,
I can do what seems like the impossible
but necessary.

“That is really courageous,” she says,
“to choose a life unplugged.”

No, I think, when I think
of storming beaches,
I’m not brave
I’m not courageous

What is at stake though?
There is no going back.

What is a society that
has no myths?
What happens when the power of hero legends
is reduced to a cliche used during the playoffs?

What happens when survival is about
“maintaining sanity”?
When dream space is blocked by carnal games?


~ by hannahcsykes on June 6, 2008.

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