Mountain Talk

This morning I was thinking about language and conversation and phrases that I don’t hear much anymore.
Growing up in a service station/tireshop, I heard a lot of everyday chitchat. Customers were also friends and they would stay and “visit” long after business deals were done. Typically, as they were leaving, they would say something like “Come go with us” or “Go with us” or “Let’s go to the house”. And my dad would respond, “Stay on” or something to that effect.

That got me to thinking about why I find those phrases so appealing. They lack finality. They are, in fact, ways of saying “Good-bye” but they are kinder, gentler if you will.

I’ve heard people make fun of these phrases saying “Do they literally want me to go to their homes with them?” or “Where are we going really?”.¬† I also know people who are so concerned with keeping in line with the norm that they would never say something like “Go with us”, lest they get their lah-tee-dah britches in a wad.

This is not to lament my not hearing these phrases or to bash those who don’t use or understand “local” jargon. Just one of those things that floats across the grey matter. You know?


~ by hannahcsykes on June 6, 2008.

One Response to “Mountain Talk”

  1. My grandparents and dad still say those things when they leave somewhere. Ittle probly rub off on me after awhile! lol

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