Imperialism 101

(a draft)

in a vision
I see a woman
on the side of a desert road

how long, how long
she cries
hands raised to a clouded sky
how long how long?

in my vision
I get closer to her form
I reach out to touch her
and she melts into
an oil slick

today we take a hill
tomorrow you will take it back
no end in sight

these many months we’ve fought surface battles
clearly seeing the enemy
time for entrenchment
time to go down into the belly

sometimes I forget why I’m fighting

I see the “endless trains of the faithless”

six more months
five more years
ten decades more
when is it safe to lay down arms?
when can I finally concede that the battle is over?


~ by hannahcsykes on June 4, 2008.

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