Now Serving: Beef or The Greatest of These

Today’s beef is brought to you by POP, Parents of Preschoolers.

Those of you who don’t yet have children might not be able to relate but this will give you a head start. There is a mindset that exists among some POPs that fretting about your child’s education should begin in preschool. Mind you, fretting shouldn’t even belong unless we’re talking about stringed instruments. But I digress.

Some parents are so concerned with putting their children in the “perfect” preschool or childcare program that they spin their wheels and spend their money bouncing from one program to the next. And it becomes a comparison game, “What does your child do all day? Can they do this and this and this?” As you can well imagine, that sets up feelings of inadequacy for other parents whose children are not in preschool or who maybe, for whatever reason, don’t do this and this and this.

In a recent interview with Kevin Garnett, Bill Russell talked about knowing that his parents loved him. He said that he always knew that his mom and dad loved him, no matter what else. What good is all the knowledge in the world without love? The Apostle Paul said that you are like a clanging cymbal without. it.

What would we prefer? A generation of loving children or more clanging cymbals?


~ by hannahcsykes on May 30, 2008.

One Response to “Now Serving: Beef or The Greatest of These”

  1. O, glorious thought…a generation of loving children!~(:~

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