return of the dragon-lady

In today’s headlines,
news of villages being burned to the ground.
Photos show images of destruction like nuclear fallout.
Fortunately, no fatalities were reported.

According to eyewitnesses,
the attacks were completely unexpected.
Months of repairs from the previous attacks
were demolished in an instant,
testimony to the powerful fire released from the beast’s

Researchers are still unable to identify
the trigger for her appearance.
“We are studying lunar cycles to try to find some
congruity,” one scientist reported.
“We found some hair samples and we’re checking for
chemical imbalances,” another expert on the scene reported.

“There’s more to her than all that,” a woman simply known as Granny said,
“People just ain’t takin’ the time to
see what is and what ain’t there. I ought to know.”


~ by hannahcsykes on May 24, 2008.

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