“One fine daaaay,
you’re gonna want me for your

4 television screens:
Gas prices are up.
Scandals are on the rise.
Tim Duncan is still in the playoffs.

“Though I know you’re the
kind of boooyyyy,
who only wants to run

New chicken sandwich at McDonald’s.
Free gas with the purchase of a new Jeep.
Stay at Hampton Inn and love your family again.

“I’ll keep waiting
and some day, darrrling.
you’ll come to me when you want to settle down.”

Dust-covered earthquake victims.
A hotel has collapsed.
More violence and more talking heads.
Super-delegates and super-promises
Never again will I go to the Y
without an MP3 player.


~ by hannahcsykes on May 20, 2008.

One Response to “Treadmill”

  1. love love love this!!! it is great!!it sets the perfect image and I can relate to the speaker as i try to always remember my mp3 player at the gym. it’s a great juxtaposition of the music and the images around the runner at the treadmill 🙂

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