crystal silence

it’s the approaching storm on a spring evening
I can feel it in the breeze
there is an anticipation and the leaves seem to know
It’s the way she makes him feel
at only a glance, even when it’s in passing.
A memory or a glimpse in the rearview mirror as she walks down the sidewalk.
there is an anticipation and a quickening
Oh Be Still My Heart…

It’s in this evening’s sky
observed through new spring leaves
like black and white print fabric
the lines are defined until the breeze blows.

It’s in the unsaid.
Well, you’re supposed to be a writer, able to say what no one else can.
But some things are just better left
or told with the eyes
in a passing glance.


~ by hannahcsykes on May 8, 2008.

One Response to “crystal silence”

  1. nice!! I like this! i wish i could “see” what pattern is on her skirt, i’m imagining big black and white flowers šŸ™‚

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