for those of you scoring at home:

Me: 1      Mouse: 0

In other headlines: Bagism

Every time I go to the grocery store (which is sometimes twice a week), I see people taking in their own bags! Hooray! This is a beautiful thing.  I think it is due in part to grocery stores providing the bags for purchase and rewarding points etc. But that’s okay. People are taking responsibility. And it’s funny because I’ve noticed a sort of us and them club going on in checkout lines. When we reusables are shopping en masse, we all nod as if to say “nice bags”. And the plastic baggers sort of look on with interest. We can bring change.


~ by hannahcsykes on May 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “for those of you scoring at home:”

  1. heeh the mouse is out of the house i take it? hehe yeah it’s not good to have them in, they get into way too much stuff… even if they are kind of cute 🙂

  2. also , yes on canvas bags!! i’ve been noticing an increase at my local grocery store too!! keep up the good work! i always smile at my fellow bring your own baggers 🙂

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