What Game Shall We Play Today?

I had my first experience at a YMCA 3-4 year old soccer game this morning. I noticed a lot of stark contrasts between, say, me and the soccer parents and the soccer parents and the actual team members:
parents: concerned with scoring goals
children: concerned with snack time

parents: yelled at children to get in the game
children: cheered for each other whenever the ball was actually kicked

parents: videtaped every moment
children: watched clouds float above, picked dandelions, wore orange boundary cones for hats

I am in no way discounting the value of organized sport. It is important to learn how to share, to wait our turn, to be active (I know lots of adults who could stand these lessons). But more than watching little children chasing a soccer ball, I loved when my son sat on my lap and pointed up to show me an airplane. Or when a little girl asked if maybe I had a snack. Or another little girl asked for some chewing gum and told me she really didn’t care for soccer. They are so genuine in their actions.

Oh, and if I go again, I am taking tons of snacks.


~ by hannahcsykes on April 26, 2008.

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