fear and prosing in R-vegas

The last couple of weeks were amazing. And I’m not saying that what I wrote was prize-winning or even really that great (although I feel like I’ve gotten some good saplings started). But it felt so so good.

And so here I am on Sunday night thinking about maintaining momentum. How do you keep your muse happy? How do you keep fresh lines coming? It is a little scary to have such a burst and it wasn’t a burst based on anxiety or depression or feeling sorry for myself. It was sincere excitement.  But how do you hold onto that?

And then I think, well, for whom am I writing? Is it for me? For an audience? Do I care if they (you ) get tired of reading the same kinds of things as I work all this stuff out? Or am I doing it for me and letting you watch? Such that it doesn’t matter if you tune out…

But the attention is great. Nice to see a few people have checked out this blog so there is a sort of pressure to keep it up. But also pressure not to force it (that sounds funny) and to let the words/ideas/feelings be pure, not just audience driven. I guess that stirs up a debate about anything creative/artistic. Who is it for? The artist? The audience? A collective experience?


~ by hannahcsykes on April 20, 2008.

One Response to “fear and prosing in R-vegas”

  1. isn’t the momentum a good feeling tho? and if you find the secret to keeping it up, please share!! 🙂 I dunno sometime I think especially with the blog – part of the writing process is a way to keep up with those I don’t see often and even those I do see often because we know how busy our lives can be and part of it is for me to use as a tool to make me think about writing – practicing the craft if you will. i like that at work i can take a few minutes with my coffee and check in with friends, see what everyone is up to or thinking. it is a great way to spend some free time :).

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