The Sap is Rising

as it does every year this time.

It’s not a proper feeling but it peaks at this time each year.
a comfort,
a security,
a glow.

It stems from someone reaching out and providing a vehicle
like when you fertilize a plant in the early spring and by May,
you have a blossom. So she has been nurtured and allowed to spring forth.

Someone said to her, “I’m okay. You’re okay.” But what he really did was give an ear,
make eye contact,
and validate.
She plays outside his office window. There are so many places she is afraid to go. So many faces she dreads.
But outside of his office window, she isn’t afraid. There are cars passing on the street just feet from where she plays. Sometimes he isn’t even in his office. And he probably doesn’t even know she is out playing under his window when he is there working.
He is probably buried in a book or listening to NPR, unknowingly providing safety.

There is something about an older man.
This is not about a romance.
This is not about secrets and lies.
This is not about self-destruction.



~ by hannahcsykes on April 10, 2008.

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