Sandbox and Swings Revisited

a few days ago, I wrote about swinging on the playground with my son. well, ever since that revisitation to the swingset, i have had an intense longing to do it again. sort of like when i crave chocolate. i thought to myself, “i have got to get back to that swingset”. this is why you have children.

we have a sandbox in our backyard now (hurray!). tonight my son and i played and played and played in the sandbox. when i was a little girl, i logged countless hours in my sandbox; and so i don’t need to tell you what that was like for me: to dig my fingers in the sand again, to taste the grit between my teeth. oh, another good reason to have a child or know someone who has children or at least someone who has a sandbox.

the word sublime keeps coming up in my conscious and sub-conscious. this is a season for the sublime. may more things be sublime than ever before. and may i be awake enough in the moment to realize it.



~ by hannahcsykes on April 10, 2008.

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