Gotta Get Free

 it was a transcendental moment. i was communing with the sublime.

my son was on the swing next to mine and i knew he was safe, so i kicked my feet up. i pumped my legs harder and i went higher and higher on the swing. i looked up and saw buds on the tree above my head. 5 0’clock traffic was passing by just outside the fence of the playground.

and i felt lifted. of course, literally. but also spiritually. i said to myself “God is smiling down on this simple moment.”  i was not fretting or working or conspiring. i was outside with an innocent little person just being in the moment.

an older lady passed by on the sidewalk and said, “watching you makes me want to swing”. i replied by telling her that she should just to feel free.


~ by hannahcsykes on March 27, 2008.

One Response to “Gotta Get Free”

  1. sing it sistah!! mmm swings! i haven’t gone swinging in a while, going to have to find a place to do that. i love the way it just makes you feel free. you summed it up perfectly! sounds like you and hayes had a good time!


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