“everything in this house is on the precipice of disaster”

famous last words uttered by my friend tonight.

and man, get ready because here comes another rant.

If I had a dump truck or a dumpster or just several trash cans, I’d get it/them near a door or window and just throw stuff out.

We don’t have that much stuff. I’ve seen those tv shows where a pro helps a couple declutter and we are nowhere near that bad. But we’ve got 2 rooms torn apart for a “weekend” painting project.

The stuff in the house isn’t the only thing about to crash. My grandmother was called “Little Tempy”. Her grandmother was “Tempy”. They both are notorious for tempers. I’ve been called “Littler Tempy”.

As one of my college history profs said, “Watch yourselves, now”.

And stand back.


~ by hannahcsykes on October 8, 2007.

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