One Good Thing

Today marks the start of a new week. And boy, did we need a new week at my house! Last week this time, I was saying “well, we just need to know one way or another”. And I was certain that the one way was going to be my way…the way I’ve had it mapped out in my brain for 3 months…ever since I put in my application.

But again, the great state of NC comes through like a bad dream and the answer is NO.


I feel like I’ve been hearing that from all sides for quite awhile now.

That’s a rant. That’s me whining.

I go to church and it’s convicting but then, at home, I’m like that’s not me. My problem is different. I’m not trying to know the will of God; I’m just trying to figure out why He seems to be doing one thing but then it turns out to be another.

Thank goodness for Rob Bell’s Nooma DVD called “Kickball”. But I still need more.

And people are saying “Oh I’m sorry”, “It will work out”, “Just be content”. No. Haven’t I written about this before? I can’t be content if I’m not living up to my potential! Nobody should. It is a waste of a life!


rant over.


~ by hannahcsykes on August 12, 2007.

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