“Measure for Measure” or “A kingdom for a horse”

I’ve been thinking about value lately. Not family values so much but what we use as our individual measurement of worth.

We were talking about people who measure everything based on how much it cost. Well, those people who measure something by how much they spent rather. Like the more one can spend or is willing to spend, the more valuable he or she is. They value a person based on willingness to extravagantly or on expensive belongings.

Then there are those who value people based on who they are. “She’s an award winning so and so….3 degrees of separation between her and the Pope” or whatever.

Or we value people based on their knowledge base. “He’s a doctor of such and such”.

Is it just me or have you noticed this too?

I’m trying to decide how I look at people. What kind of worldview value to assign people? Is it what they can do or give me? Or what I can  do for or give them?  Or should it even be in that direction?


~ by hannahcsykes on June 26, 2007.

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